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Commercial carpet tiles from Future Flooring

Future Flooring are a tried and trusted supplier of commercial flooring solutions. To ensure the best quality flooring for your commercial space, we have meticulously selected only the best products from leading flooring specialists – resistant to heavy traffic, abrasion, mechanical wear and spills.

Why choose carpet tiles for your commercial space?

There are several benefits to installing carpet tiles in your office or commercial space, not least of which is the ability to easily replace a tile when it becomes worn or damaged over time. They are a versatile and affordable alternative to carpet or wood flooring – ideal for areas with heavy footfall.

Most carpet tiles are low pile and have a tight weave which makes them robust and able to withstand heavy commercial traffic. Carpet tiles are also known to be easy to clean and maintain for this reason, as they resist water and moisture, and trap less dirt than a standard carpet. Designs which use colour flecks and colour variations can also help to camouflage debris, giving you a cleaner looking floor for longer.

With a variety of colours, patterns and styles available from our handpicked flooring manufacturers, you can add a touch of style while staying within your budget.

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